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The Shocking History Of Collateral Damage In Warfare
Is This Australian Man The Real King Of England?
Why These Grand Military Plans Failed
A Close Look At History's Great Military Blunders
A History of Deadly Military Incompetence
The Mass Reincarnation Of 13th Century Cathars
How The Anglo-Saxon Settlement Changed British Culture
The RAF Pilots Tortured During The Gulf War
The Incredible Discovery Of An 18th Century Warship
Great Britain And The Slave Trade
How Liverpool Became The Greatest Slaving Port In Human History
When Henry VIII Fell In Love With Anne Boleyn
How Britain Glossed Over Their Role In Slavery
Why France Offered Their Pilots To Stalin
How Henry III and Simon de Montfort's Started A Civil War
How Edward II’s Revenge Tore Apart England
The Tyranny Of The Boy King Richard II
What Sparked The Cuban Missile Crisis
How Mandela Changed South Africa
The Lavish Eating Habits Of The Ancient Romans
What Living In London Was Like During The Blitz
The Story Of The Real Downtown Abbey
Britain’s Controversial Desert Campaign
The WW2 Showdown In The Middle East
The Lost African Metropolis Of Mapungubwe
The Tension Between The Queen Mother & Prince Philip
How To Recreate Livens Giant Flamethrower
The Giant British Flamethrower Made For World War 1
The Growth Of Fascism After The Great War
The Legacy Of Nationalism Since The Great War
The Story Of Paris' German Occupation
The Chilling Truth Of The Phoenician Child Sacrifice Ritual
Who Was The Real Mary Poppins?
The British Agent Who Became A KGB Spy
The Untold Story Of The Battle Of Mazar-I-Sharif
How To Cook Like A Medieval Chef
Why Did Medieval People Cover Themselves In Bloodsucking Leeches?
The Secret Code Hidden In Shakespeare's Plays
Can We Decipher The Code In Shakespeare's Writings?
The Life Of A Dark Age Farmer
The Story Of NASA's Last Mission To The Moon
What It Felt Like To Be The Last Man On The Moon
The Worst Jobs You Could Have In Rural England
When Medieval Peasants Revolted Against The Establishment
How A Peasant Army Rebelled Against King Richard II
Did King Richard III Really Murder His Own Nephews?
Why Was Violin Making The Worst Stuart Era Job?
The Cuisine Of The Enlightenment
The Search For The Sunken Dutch Treasure Ships
Was There A Real Merlin?
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