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Prisoner Number A26188: The Holocaust In Their Own Words
Why Do We Fear The Dead?
Deciding The War
Operation Downfall: How America Nearly Invaded Japan
How The Battle Of Hastings Shaped British History
How The US Outsmarted The Japanese At The Battle of Midway
The Guadalcanal Campaign And The Relief Of Leningrad
Operation Barbarossa: The Largest Invasion In History
The Crucial Battles That Ended WW2
The Rise of Right-Wing Terrorism In Weimar Germany
Understanding The Global Unease After WW1
Speeches That Changed The World
The Typhoon Of Steel: Battle of Okinawa
The Origins Of The First Spy Planes
The Mysterious Sunken Hut In A Scottish Lake
The Closest The Allies Came To Losing WW2
The Ancient Anglo-Saxon Burial Ground
Tony Learns How To Be An Exorcist
The Plague: How Did One Village Survive?
The Revelation Of The Pyramids
The Epic Story Of Aviation Pioneers Of The Caribbean
The mysteries of the Nefertiti bust
6 JUN 1944 - The Light Of Dawn
Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte
The story of the Centre Pompidou
Charlemagne - The King of France
Francis the 1st - The King of France
Henri IV - The King of France
Louis XIV - The King of France
The Hidden Side of World War II
The Lost Sea Voyage Of Jesus
The First Men to Cross the Oceans
The Misunderstood Legacy Of China's Only Empress
The Real Origins Of Ancient Egypt
Where Are The Lost Tribes Of Israel?
The Cruelty Of Emperor Caligula
Julius Caesar's Rise To The Republic
The Wondrous Architecture Of The Dark Ages
Waldemar Januszczak Explores The Art Of The Dark Ages
The Secrets Of The Methuselah
The Conspiracy To Bury King Tut
The Mystery Of The Misfit Mummies
The Mysteries Of Persepolis: Ancient City Of Gold
The Collapse Of The Spartan Empire
The Clash Of Sparta & Athens: Greece's Power War
Hypatia And The Great Fall Of Alexandria
The Mystery Of Egypt's Pharaoh Queens
The Other Pompeii: The Horror Of Herculaneum
The Aftermath Of Rome's Annihilation Of Carthage
Carthage: The Fall Of Rome's Greatest Rival
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